We strongly believe that contributing to the growth of our communities and people beyond personal interest is one of the great values to have.

We encourage companies and colleagues to share their time and value to enrich our society, most important helping children to have a better future, not by giving them the fish but by teaching them how to fish!

Our team is actively involved in volunteering activities in communities near and far away, and we look forward to team with people and companies alike.

Contributed Locally, Nationwide and Internationally…

There are no limits where we would love to help, but we have to start somewhere.

This is an example of some organizations that we have supported in various ways, including valuable dedicated time, specialized advisory, mentoring classes, program management,  technology advisory, financial support,  coaching and even as STEM judges in citywide and regional fairs.


We aim to increase awareness on kids regarding STEM, show them that is not only teachers, but also their parents that make a pleasant and engaging experience for kids and teenagers to play while learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Math, and why not combining it with Art!

–Actually STEAM is fun!


Please send us an email to i-want-to-help@positivebcs.org if you want to be part of the excitement of giving back to your community or if you are interested on us to support one of your initiatives with skill based consulting.

Or write us to:

Positive BCS

180 Old Colony Ave. Suite 300
Quincy, MA, 02170